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Solar X-rays : Status
Geomagnetic Field : Status

SW = Solar Wind | IMF = Interplanetary Magnetic Field | Convection = Magnetospheric Response (Voltage Across the Polar Cap)
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Solar - Activity Plot - One Month
Updates : Every 24 hours

Earth - Planetary Daily A-Index - One Month
Updates : Daily

Solar - X-Ray Flux (Watt/m2) - 3 days
GOES-15 Satellite - Updates 5mn

Earth - Planetary Estimated Kp Index - 3 days
Geomagnetic Magnetometer Observatories - Updates 15mn

Solar Wind - Electron & Proton Flux | Kp Geomagnetic Field
GOES-13 & GOES-15 Satellites | Magnetometer Ground Stations

Solar Wind - Bz component - Speed - Density - Temp
ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer) NASA Satellite

Low Energy Electrons & Protons Density - EPAM RTSW
ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer) NASA Satellite

Grey Line - Day/Night Terminator
D layer absorbing HF and dissapears at night

Radio - Global D-Layer Absorption
Highest frequency affected by 1 dB Absorbtion

Radio - MUF 3000 Global Map
Max frequency for inospheric transmission with oblique path

Ionospheric Total Electron Content (TEC) Map
Real-time from GPS Ground stations

Ionospheric foF2 Map
Real-Time F2 Layer Critical Radio Frequency

Sun AIA 171 Gold
Solar Dynamics Observatory

Sun HMI Magnetogram
Solar Dynamics Observatory

GOES-15 Satellite

Sun NOAA Flare Predictor
NASA/ESA - Updates 30mn

Earth Aurora Forecast North
Ovation 30-40 mn Forecast

Earth Aurora Forecast South
Ovation 30-40 mn Forecast

ISES Solar Cycle
Sunspot Number Progression

Space Weather Alerts & Warning
NOAA Scale

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